Micronutrient deficiency in the long term, of course, can cause many diseases, one of which is a failure in the immune system and this is not very good for those of you who are recovering after surgery. Poor nutrition and a lack of vitamins can damage immune cells in your body. So that your body will be more susceptible to disease. For those of you who don’t want this to happen, especially for those of you who are recovering after surgery related to weight loss, then we recommend you to take ADEK Multivitamin which you can get at bariatricfusion.com/collections/adek. Generally, usually after undergoing surgery, the doctor will provide a list of foods that should not be eaten by the patient, to speed up the patient’s recovery and not make the patient’s condition worsened after surgery. While on the other hand, some foods can help the recovery process after surgery.

For postoperative food, it is considered to be able to help reduce pain due to inflammation, increase immunity, as a source of energy in the recovery process, so that this will speed up the healing process. When choosing food after you have surgery or in the recovery process, you need to pay attention to the content of the food you eat such as nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in it. This is very important so that the healing process after surgery can be faster.

There are some good foods for you to consume after you have surgery on bariatricfusion.com/collections/adek, one of which is eating vegetables. You can get it on kale, mustard greens, and spinach. The nutrients contained in green vegetables are considered to reduce inflammation, increase immunity and accelerate healing. The benefits of these vegetables, of course, cannot be separated from the content of vitamin C, magnesium, polyphenols, and others that do have a good effect on the body.


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