The end of the year is coming. Have you prepared and decided where to go on vacation? Choose a comfortable and safe place to spend your vacation time with family, friends, or boyfriend. Bali is one of the best destinations you could choose to visit this holiday. Cheap Bali tour provided by many travel companies assure you to visit the most interesting attraction spot and not missing the best experience, you will get on this holiday.

Bali is well known for the friendly locals. Many foreign and local tourists come and come again to Bali for this reason. The Balinese are known for being friendly and smiling to everyone they meet. Besides, the crime rate on this island also low, so you can take a vacation more comfortably and freely. But of course, people that choose Bali as their destination choose this island because of the natural beauty that is well preserved by the people. There are many best spots to enjoy the beauty of this island of Bali. You can choose the beach to see the sunrise or sunset. For adventure lovers, you can choose to travel to the river to spend time enjoying the swift flow of the river with rafting. Watersport tourism is no less exciting, there are parasailing, jet ski, banana boat, flying fish, snorkeling, and others. For those who like to climb mountains several mountain choices can be climbed, one of which is famous for beginners with an exciting track is Mount Batur.

If on holiday to Bali, get ready you will be spoiled with a variety of foods from all over the world. As the number of local and foreign tourists who vacation in Bali makes them create business opportunities here so that making traditional Balinese food is less popular. However, that is precisely what attracts more tourists to come to Bali. Every year the number of tourists visiting Bali is increasing.


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