When you want to install a water installation at home, you will be faced with the selection of the type of pipe: want to use PVC pipe or iron pipe. Between these two pipes, PVC pipes may be superior and are often the choice for people who want to install water installations. It’s because the connection is more easily installed PVC pipe and the price is likely to be cheaper. Meanwhile, you may need to get the best plumbers in San Diego if your pipe requires the expert’s skill to be repaired professionally.

Not only that, PVC pipe also has many other advantages when compared with the iron pipe. Among them:

Easy installation. As mentioned above, PVC pipe is easier to install than the iron pipe. Because the PVC pipe material is made of plastic is lighter so that when cut does not have to spend a great effort. While on an iron pipe, you have to weld it or cut it with a special tool.

Not easily exposed to corrosion and resistance to chemicals. Unlike the iron pipe that can experience rust at any time, PVC pipe is corrosion resistant and not likely to rust for long periods of time. PVC pipe is also not easily contaminated alkaline or other chemical compounds that can contaminate water in the channel.

When compared with the price of iron pipe is high enough, the price of PVC pipe is likely to be lower. You can buy it in a material store with funds that do not strangle the neck. Not only that, its installation is also easy, you do not have to hire professional services to install it. When it is installed too, maintenance costs almost no free maintenance alias.

Contour pipe strong and sturdy. When it comes to power problems, maybe a pipe made of iron will be far superior to PVC pipe. Only, the resistance of PVC pipe should not be underestimated. Therefore, PVC pipe is made of Polyvinyl Chloride, which has hard and strong properties, but still light. PVC pipes can be used for long periods of time under standard conditions.

However, one of the disadvantages of using this PVC pipe is the pipe cannot stand the fire. Why? Because PVC pipe is made of plastic so that if near the source of fire, its surface will easily melt and burn.


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