Tooth filling during pregnancy is indeed a cause for concern. However, dental health during pregnancy must still be maintained. Pregnant women can do it in the second trimester. Dental fillings during pregnancy are often doubtful. Many questions arise, such as, “Are dental fillings during pregnancy safe? The answer is of course yes. Regardless of whether a person is pregnant or not, dental care is something that should not be missed. So, find a dentist who is reliable with expertise and we dentist seo have the recommendations. If you as a dentist need the best marketing to develop your specialist clinic, contact us and come to us.

When a tooth is cavities, the possibility of a person having an infection is wide open. It’s like a house that used to have a roof is no longer protected. The roof is damaged so that rainwater or dust can easily enter. The same analogy applies to teeth. When a part of a tooth has a cavity, the immediate action that must be taken is to fill it, including for pregnant women with dental fillings.

Not a few think that X-rays during pregnancy pose a risk to the fetus. Dental X-rays are not very significant in causing problems in the developing fetus. As long as the X-ray is carried out according to the procedure and using protection according to the rules, it is still safe to do. Usually, the dentist or officer will provide protection such as a cloth cover in the abdominal area to minimize X-ray exposure to the fetus. When undergoing a dental filling procedure during pregnancy, some things may be considered trivial, but are still important. Be sure not to cross your legs as this can impede blood flow. Keep your legs straight as you sit in the dentist’s chair.

Every pregnant woman has different pregnancy conditions. Don’t hesitate to tell your dentist about certain conditions of your pregnancy. Who knows, it could be a consideration when taking actions such as pregnant women filling teeth. Don’t be surprised if dental complaints during pregnancy occur more often than usual, ranging from swollen gums, cavities, and more.


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