Synthetic Grass Carpet VS Real Grass


Do you intend to have a garden at home? But you are confused about which one is better, synthetic grass carpet or natural grass, here’s a comparison of the two:

Synthetic Grass

Is an artificial grass that is usually made of plastic. Therefore, if you want to use synthetic grass, you must choose a good quality product.

It has an easier maintenance system than natural grass. So you just need to clean it regularly every day with a vacuum cleaner.

Does not require sunlight, so synthetic grass can be applied indoors or indoor areas. So if you want to have a dry garden in the house, you can make synthetic-type grass an option for the garden floor.

Not only can it be used for floors, but synthetic grass can also be applied to areas that are usually difficult to apply natural grass, such as in the wall area of ​​the house, you know. Because of this, synthetic grass is also widely used as a decoration to beautify a home.

It is more environmentally friendly because it saves water, motor fuel, pesticides, and other chemicals. So that the maintenance costs are even more efficient than natural grass.

If you want durable grass, on average synthetic grass can last 8-15 years.

Natural Grass

Because natural grass is a native plant, applying natural grass to your home garden can provide additional oxygen.

Natural grass can minimize the heat, so a garden that uses natural grass will look fresher.

It requires water, fertilizers, or pesticides in the maintenance process to stay alive and grow in good conditions.

Although the installation cost is relatively cheap, it requires more intense maintenance and costs more than synthetic types of grass.

Less suitable for indoor applications, because it requires sunlight.

If not cared for properly, it can make the surface of a garden that uses natural grass feel uneven.

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