For reptile lovers, you must be familiar with the name crested gecko, right? Yes, it is a pet from the gecko family that is nocturnal, meaning they are more active at night than during the day. These animals have various types, ranging from gecko leopard, gargoyle and others. By the way, this ornamental gecko also has many fans, although not as many as snakes or turtles. Generally, the reason they take care of geckos is that they have beautiful, unique and cute colours. Like other reptiles, keeping a gecko is not difficult or easy to care for, as long as you understand the steps for caring for it. Starting from the crested gecko terrariums, feeding, supplements and other things that need to be considered daily.

There are steps that you must fulfil when you want to maintain a gecko, in the following order:

1. Make a Gecko Cage or Terrariums.

First of all, you have to provide a decent and comfortable cage, you can buy an aquarium to serve as a cage, the size can be 45x30x20cm (length, width and height) then add a substrate (base) in the form of reptile carpet, paper, newspaper or towels.

Never coat them with sand, wood shavings, or other dust-producing materials, as they can cause serious problems if they eat the dust. Also, provide a hiding place because he likes to hide during the day like a lizard and a place for food and drink, a place to eat can use a small bowl, for a place to drink can use an aqua gallon lid.

So that the gecko feels comfortable, place the cage in a place that is not too bright. And the top is covered with a net to prevent attacks from predators such as cats.

2. Provide Lighting and Heating to Geckos.

Because he is more active at night than (if it is cold) a UV (ultraviolet) lamp is needed as lighting to warm the temperature of the cage. It is recommended to use a lamp with low wattage to prevent the enclosure from overheating. Do not allow the temperature to be higher than 34.4ÂșC.


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