Weekends are the perfect time to spend time with family. Starting from grooming, pampering the body, to picnics or eating at a favorite place will be great fun. But if your choice always falls into the mall, its time to turn to a new place. Especially if you have small children. The perfect place to spend time is outdoors. Let the child develop his motor nerves to become an active child and not easily sick. Here are some fun activities you can spend with your kids:

– Camping
Choose a camping spot in a location that has fresh air like in the mountains. With this activity, your child will learn to love and appreciate nature. If possible, teach children how to cook water or food using a campfire.

– Looking for treasure
Keep something your child wants in a place like on the home page and inside the house. Then, give directions to solve. For example, draw the treasure’s direction on the map. Curious children will surely find the object you hide it until found.

– Visit the museum
Invite your child to know the history and culture of a region .. Be a tour guide for him by explaining the various objects and historical events that exist in the museum. This activity will open the insight of the child about the world of tourism in their own country.

– Know the animals at the zoo
Invite your child to know the various animals, also recommend the habitat and food of each animal. For example, fish live in water and lions live on land. Or, giraffes eat plants and tigers eat meat.

– Cooking together
Young children like to come to you while cooking in the kitchen? Well, on the weekend because it is more relaxed, try to invite your child to cook together. You can give him easy tasks, like shuffle eggs, pick up spices on the table and so on. Do not forget to give her appreciation for helping you.


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