Eyes are the senses that are important to every human being. Having a healthy eye is certainly everyone’s wish. If there is a problem in the eye, of course, all activities can be disrupted. One of the eye problems that can be experienced is dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is one of the problems that can happen to anyone. Dry eye syndrome is a problem involving tear production.

Eyes in normal circumstances require tears to keep the eyes clean and healthy. Tears are produced by tear glands (lacrimal gland). Every time we blink, tears drench our eyes to keep the eye moist. Unlike the case with those with dry eye syndrome, the function of the tear gland is disrupted. The tear glands can not produce enough tears or tears evaporate too quickly.

Dry eye syndrome usually occurs in the elderly and those suffering from certain diseases such as DM (diabetes mellitus), allergic conjunctivitis, and others. Dry eye syndrome can heal with proper management, but in some people, this syndrome can be a lifelong problem.

The cause of dry eye syndrome
Dry eye can be caused by various things, among others, because of the influence of the environment, too long in front of the computer, exhausted, exposed to smoke for too long. Other things that could be the cause include the use of contact lenses for too long, certain drugs, and in some people because of the age factor.

Symptoms and Signs
Symptoms vary between individuals, usually showing symptoms of itchy eyes, dryness, and irritation. Your doctor will make a dry eye diagnosis of your complaint and eye exam. But in some people sometimes require additional checks to see if the tear glands produce enough tears.

Dry eye syndrome is usually given eye drops containing artificial tears. However, you should see a doctor before buying the drug in order to obtain the right one. Buying eye drops, such as eye drops for red eyes, actually, makes a complaint becomes worse.
In addition to the above remedies, lifestyle must also be changed so that dry eye does not become severe. For example, reduce the habit of wearing contact lenses for too long, reducing the time in front of the computer and other habits that can trigger dry eye.


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