Not only the design of the fish pond at home that needs attention, but also see whether the pond will be made indoors or outdoors because this affects the sunlight that the ornamental fish will receive. Koi ponds should get enough sunlight. Not too hot, but not too humid and not affected by sunlight. Good lighting in the koi pond, the maximum development of your pet koi. But, the side effect is that the growth of algae or moss will also be rapid, so it’s no wonder the pool water quickly turns green. Warm sunshine at least three hours per day. Lack of sunlight can make the koi’s body color fade. Therefore, create a pool that is bright enough. If the fish pond is indoors, then you can shine it with incandescent lights as sun rays.

There are three basic shapes of a koi pond, namely square, circle or ellipse, and free. You can apply the square shape if you want to create a formal koi pond style. This style is suitable as a minimalist fish pond design in a room for official purposes. Meanwhile, a circular or elliptical koi pond is suitable for homes with elegant, luxurious, traditional, and informal styles. Finally, for free form, it is suitable to be applied to tourist houses and inns such as villas and hotels. Freestyle is also suitable for homes with a rustic feel and a large yard.

The purpose of the koi pond filtration system is to ensure that the oxygen in the pond is sufficient for koi life because oxygen is needed for the koi digestion process. Meanwhile, the result of koi digestion will produce waste that contains ammonia and is toxic to the koi’s body. So, the filtration system does not only produce oxygen continuously for koi but also uproot ammonia from the koi’s digestive system.


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