Electricity is one of the most important sources of energy for all human beings. Therefore, it is important to know about electrical installations. Starting from how to install it to the costs incurred. Installing electrical installations can indeed be done yourself when you take nen 3140 cursus training, but it is important to know how to install electricity correctly so that the electricity network can run safely and smoothly. Because errors in electrical installations not only cause a short circuit in the electrical network but also have the potential to cause accidents.

Well, here is an explanation to find out how to install electricity yourself. The first thing to do is calculate the size of the house or room. This is so that you can find out how long the cables are needed and also the main line of the electricity network. For electricity to flow throughout the room, it would require cables that are quite long. In addition to knowing the number of cables needed, this can also be used to find out how many lights, fittings, and switches are needed in each room.

Counting the number of rooms is also necessary to know how many sockets are needed. Usually, the use of sockets in a room is seen from the function and usability of the room. Make sure the installation distance of the socket is 125 cm from the floor to avoid the socket from the reach of children. The important thing to do is find out the amount of electrical power needed to determine the size of the MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) used. This component has the function of an electric current protection system in anticipating overload.

The size of the house is quite spacious or multi-story, it is better if a good electrical installation method is divided into several groups using MCB. This technique is also known as Split Board which functions to facilitate electrical repairs and avoids damage spreading to all parts of the electrical installation.


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