The weather in the rainy season is usually synonymous with wet and humid. And without us knowing, it affects the exterior and interior furniture of the house. Wet and humid conditions cause mould to grow easily, for example on home carpet especially after a flood. You need to know that mould is a big enemy of the carpet because its roots can eat away at the fibres of the carpet. That is why you need to call Carpet Care Specialists immediately to help you fix the problem.

If the mould has eaten away at the carpet fibres, it will be difficult for the mould and mildew to be removed. Moreover, the smell emitted by carpet mould is also disturbing. However, you do not need to worry when faced with this. First, you must wear rubber gloves and also make sure you wear long sleeves. Use a mask to cover your mouth and face to protect yourself from shortness of breath or allergies caused by the smell of mould. The second step, in cleaning the carpet from mildew must be cultivated outside the home. If the conditions are not possible, you can do it indoors. But open the window to the outside and close the door to another room so that the fungus does not spread to other rooms. Third, dry the carpet with the help of sunlight outside the house or with a fan inside the house. Then, sweep the mushroom flakes from both sides of the carpet using a rough bristle brush. Also, clean the floor under the carpet with a brush, then clean the floor.

You can also spray antifungal products to the carpet. Read the instructions for use and follow the carpet maintenance instructions. Make sure the antifungal liquid soaks into the carpet fibres on both sides so that the roots of the fungus. Brush both sides of the carpet, then let it dry. Antifungal spray should not be rinsed. Also, spray the floor under the carpet and let it dry completely and repeat spraying again for better results. If you have a dehumidifier or air purifier at home, you can turn on the appliance for two days after cleaning the carpet to remove any traces of mould in the room. Finally, wash all equipment that has been used using antifungal spray so as not to spread the fungus to other parts of the house.

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