Many people think that corruption in infrastructure, engineering and construction sectors is hard to avoid and harder to prevent. One of the biggest construction scandals that also the worst in Latin America is the Petrobras case or commonly called Operation Car Wash. This case involving the state-owned oil enterprise and many constructions and engineering companies. Odebrecht, the biggest company in Brazil had to lose their leader, the grandson of the founder because he has been sentenced 19 years in prison. While Camargo Correa, one of the construction firms involved with the scandal quickly change their leader because vitor, the chairman that held the position for ten years decide to step down.

That is why it is very important to prevent corruption in the risky sectors like construction and infrastructure because of the procedure they have to go through. Evaluating the corruption prevention system that has been implemented could be one way to prevent corruption in the business and always make continuous improvements to the system. If necessary take appropriate responses such as collective action to prevent corruption from reporting to the authorities. The building of integrity in the business world is not limited to the existence of a corruption prevention system in the corporation, but on the actualization of the attitude and behavior of integrity of the individual business actors. For example, the company guidelines owned by international scale companies have very strict contents but these companies are still involved in corruption cases.

The industry and construction business actors must be able to take precautions to reduce corruption. Prevention of corruption in the business world and some sectors must be carried out consistently and simultaneously by all parties, both from companies and private entrepreneurs, SOEs, and related ministries and institutions. Because if it is not prevented then the potential for leakage of the state budget will be very large and the community will be disadvantaged. Internal supervision both in companies and governments must also be carried out. Because infrastructure must be enjoyed by the people.


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