Until now there are still naughty, drunk but desperate to drive. Even though the sanctions that were given were not kidding, ranging from fines, imprisonment, to revoking his driving license. Cases like this are not only in our country, but also in other countries. You can hire Criminal & DUI Lawyer Gary Rohlwing to help you.

It was reported about various penalties for drunk drivers. It turned out that some of the punishments were more severe than just walking up to 32 kilometers. In Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe, drunk drivers can immediately lose their right to drive. Launching Autoevolution, perpetrators will also have to wait for a court ruling to see how long the license is suspended. If the blood alcohol level is higher than 0.3 mg/l, the driver is banned from driving for life. But in some cases, drivers are also allowed to ask for their license back. But after they left only their name in the world, aka died. Now Moldova is running a morbid program for those who wish to get their license back. The condition is that the driver who violates it must work in the morgue for three months or 12 sessions.

Additional Fines
Not only that, they also have to watch autopsies and wash corpses, as well as places to store bodies. According to local media, there are already 24 people enrolled in the program. Six of them have already started. Motorists who violate it are also required to pay USD 224 to join this program.

Alcohol can reduce the function of the central nervous system so that a person is unable to focus and respond quickly. One of the causes is the increased activity of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) from the effects of alcohol in the body. So that the activity of nerve neurons to the brain decreases, the driver cannot focus and is slow to respond when facing an accident. Alcohol levels that are quite a lot in the body will also change the chemical composition of the brain neurotransmitters in regulating the performance of various body systems. The effect is that the driver of the drinker will have difficulty concentrating, lose visual abilities such as blurred vision, and lack the ability to hear, hallucinations and lose consciousness.


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