Credit cards are actually not only profitable for people who have them, but also merchants who sell goods or services. Unfortunately, credit cards do not reach all merchants, especially for small businesses or small businesses. Many small businesses are still hesitant to enter the credit card processing arena. There are concerns regarding the complexity of services and the cost of providing these facilities. In fact, there are many services that provide card payment machine for small business and a package with an installation.

If we look further, there are many advantages that small businesses can achieve when accepting credit card payments. As for some of the benefits as follows.

• High level of sales
Providing credit card payment facilities opens up opportunities to achieve high levels of sales. Customers who buy with cash tend to limit their purchases because there is a fear that the money they have or is not enough to pay for all the items they want. Unlike a credit card, there is no maximum purchase limit, so there are no worries for customers when they want to buy a lot of goods.

Small businesses that accept credit card payments actually encourage customers to be more loyal in shopping or using the services they offer. For example, a customer goes to a minimarket that initially only wants to buy milk, but after seeing other product display racks, then he is moved to take other types of products such as eggs, detergent, tissue, snacks, and others.

• Increase in sales profit
One thing that small businesses need to realize is the use of credit cards to shop allows customers to make purchases at an emotional level. This means that customers will shop more without worrying about a lack of cash. With a credit card, customers can get the items needed even desired without paying at once.

Another advantage, credit cards can be used across countries. This means that credit card payment facilities enable small businesses to get customers from all over the world. Travelers or tourists, for example, generally rarely carry cash and rely more on credit cards to fulfill their needs during the holidays, whether for airplane tickets, hotel reservations, souvenirs or consumption.

• Providing convenience for customers
Customers tend to choose merchants that provide services and facilities that make it easier in matters of payment. How troublesome if the customer has to go out again from the store to go to the ATM to get cash and afterward return to the store to buy the items he wants.

By providing facilities that make it easy for customers to make payments practically with a credit card will be able to provide at the same time increase customer convenience in shopping. Most customers tend to be more comfortable carrying credit cards compared to large amounts of cash when they want to make large purchases.


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