Are you doing a workout to train abs? If so, you can visit the workout den and find the best workout for your diet. Exercise is good for health and fitness. However, if you are not focused or less careful in doing so, injuries can happen.

There are a number of things that make a person vulnerable to injury while exercising. The most common is because too often exercise without pause and enforce your body beyond the tolerance limit. Mistakes on how to practice movement, wrong posture (eg when running or landing from jumps), as well as choosing the type of sport that is less appropriate to the physical condition also be some other factors of injury during the sport.

– Use the right sports equipment

Each type of sport has different equipment. Make sure your sports shoes match the type of sport you do. For example like this: although both play ball, soccer shoes and futsal shoes have different functions and characteristics. Different types of running any, type of running shoes are used differently. If you intend to lifting for the first time, measure how much weight the ideal weight to avoid injury. Adjust also the size of the helmet, protective goggles, elbow protector, and knee pads follow your body shape. Make sure your sports support equipment is still in good condition, and you understand exactly how to use it.

– Warm-up and cooling
Warm-up before exercise makes your blood flow smoothly and relaxes your body muscles. If you are going to run, the simple warming example is to twist the ankle. Then, do a quick walk for five to 10 minutes. Once done, do not forget to cool down to normalize your muscles and body.

– Do not exaggerate
When doing sports, your body needs to rest. Likewise with setting your time to exercise; how intense and how long the duration. Your body is working every day, it’s good if your exercise routine varied.


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