Preparing a budget makes vacation plans more focused. By measuring the readiness of the budget that can be collected, you can have an idea of ??what kind of hotel or apartment you can go to for a staycation either alone or with your family. Of course, the list above is not all the types of room types usually provided by hotels but the types above are the choices that are usually the most chosen for a staycation. Don’t worry, the price range above is only a general range because actually, every hotel can offer a much cheaper or more expensive price for each type. Depending on the status and level of the hotel itself and the good quality of services and facilities offered. Don’t forget to use environmentally friendly transportation such as a range rover for hire.

Remember, even if it’s just a staycation, it’s called looking for special promos and discounts. Let the holidays be cheaper, more economical and of course make the bag not leak. First of all, you can check promos on websites where many hotels and apartments sell advertisements and rentals. Usually, in a pandemic season like this, many high-class hotels or apartments give crazy discounts with fairly luxurious facilities. Don’t forget to check credit card promos if there are any. If you are a member of a particular hotel or ‘miles’ reward program, see if the hotel you want to go to offers additional promos for members of the same ‘miles’ reward program as you.

Initially, a staycation was a vacation option for those who wanted to spend time alone elsewhere to get peace and relieve stress from their daily routine. In this pandemic season, always protect yourself by wearing a mask wherever you go, social distancing, avoid crowds, diligently wash your hands, if necessary use a face shield when leaving the room. Many hotels close restaurant facilities within the hotel so as not to cause crowds. Finally, the hotel can only offer food from the hotel itself which is usually too expensive.


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