Applying for UK citizenship is not easy. You need to gather documents and make copies of important documents. Proof of residence, such as employment history, current account, travel notes, or official letters sent to your home address. Proof of employment, such as a statement signed by the employer. If you are retired or self-employed, show proof of finance to show that you have a stable financial situation. If you are married to a citizen of that country, you will need proof of marriage such as a marriage certificate, child birth certificate, and family photos. But one of the most important is to pass the test like the “Life in the UK test” and the b1 english test. The English test will consist of speaking in the form of discussion and conversation, visit

Don’t be shy to try your speaking skills in front of people closest to you. Ask your family to listen to the way you talk. Try to invite your friends to listen to the way you talk, and ask for feedback and evaluation. If necessary, if you have friends from abroad, lots of conversing with them so that you are accustomed to speaking English. If this is not possible, just stand in front of the mirror and practice speaking. Record the way you talk with your cellphone so you can watch and evaluate what is lacking.

When speaking, don’t just stare to listen. There is a question section that requires you to listen to a paragraph read. That’s when your writing skills are at stake. Get used to taking notes briefly without distracting you from what you hear. Note the essence that can help you when you want to answer so as not to widen from the content in question. You can practice by taking notes while listening to the news on television or in English radio broadcasts. Not only the important parts and use your notes as a guide when you are going to summarize orally and as detailed as possible the information you receive.


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