Caring for a Computer or Laptop that is Good & True For office workers, of course, are already familiar in dealing with computers or laptops. This multipurpose device is certainly very helpful for us in carrying out various tasks and jobs. However, what will happen if it turns out the computer or laptop is suddenly damaged and can not be used. Of course, it will be very difficult for us, right? Aside from that, if you want to find more news or tips about hardware and software, we recommend you to check out Tec101.

Therefore here we will share with you some ways to properly care for a PC or Laptop:

Clean CPU regularly

The first thing you need to do to maintain computer resilience is to clean the CPU regularly at least once every 6 months. This is because if a CPU has never been cleaned and is too dirty then dust and dirt will accumulate more and more and will be at risk of clogged internal fans or air circulation that serves to regulate temperature so that the CPU will overheat/overheat and will have a direct impact on the age of your computer device. Steps you can take to start cleaning the CPU can be started by cleaning the motherboard using a soft brush.

Good ventilation

As mentioned earlier if the air circulation on the CPU is very important to maintain the durability of your computer. Therefore, avoid putting the computer in a position that is too attached and tight against the wall. Give a distance of about 30-40 cm between the computer and the wall so that it can produce good air circulation.

Activate computer system restore

The next thing you can do to take care of your computer is to activate system restore, namely, right-click on the computer desktop icon, then click properties and on the system, tab selects the word ‘Turn off system restore on all drives’, then remove the checkmark in the text.


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