One of the causes of a computer being slow is full RAM. Maybe you’ve found that Computer RAM is full, even before we run any application. Or are you experiencing it right now? Not infrequently the computer crashes because the RAM is too full, this is really inconvenient. The disk clean-up process is sometimes still not enough to overcome it.

Before looking for a further solution, first, understand some of the root causes of the fast full RAM below.

1. Too Many Start-up Applications
You can see which applications are startup applications by typing msconfig in the Run box (win+R). Applications that run at startup applications that are quite important such as antivirus, firewall, and other auxiliary applications

2. The number of services or services that are running
Some services will also run automatically since the computer is turned on. Often unnecessary services or services also run and fill the computer’s RAM memory. You can stop the service so that the free space on your RAM increases.

3. Less RAM Capacity
Recent application programs usually use more memory capacity of the computer than older application programs. This is due to the improvement in the quality and features of the program. We recommend that you switch to using older applications, or increase the RAM capacity of your computer.

4. Memory Problems
Damage to memory can even cause the computer to restart frequently, hang, and even cause the computer to not be able to display the display on the monitor. You can check this by trying to use another memory or using the memory on another computer.

5. Presence of Malware or Computer Virus
Programs containing viruses or malware will certainly use the computer’s RAM memory. Some malware even performs the request process repeatedly, so that the RAM capacity becomes full, and other resources on the computer become wasteful.


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