Although credit cards and take card payment have become quite popular non-cash payment methods, some people are still hesitant to use credit cards. Here are some of the old reasons for the doubt people have and use credit cards. Are you included?

1. Credit Cards are considered Debt
Credit cards are payment instruments in lieu of cash, but the bank’s system only lends consumers money and must be returned in the form of a bill. Well, that is what makes people not want to use a credit card for fear of not being able to pay bills, creating a miserable debt. In fact, a credit card can help ease your burden when buying an expensive item in one transaction. This means that a credit card is useful for being a positive debt as long as you don’t owe more than your ability to pay.

2. Having High Interest
Regarding credit cards having high-interest rates, the applicable interest provisions according to Bank Indonesia or BI alone are 2.25% of the total bill. This means that if you do not make a full payment or have passed the specified date, you may be subject to fines in accordance with applicable. This certainly has the potential to make credit card bills soar. So when you use a credit card, you must be aware to always pay bills on time.

3. Life So Wasteful
Credit cards are only a substitute for cash transactions. The special thing is the repayment of the money lent by the bank can be delayed in the form of bills every month.

Well, waste is a trait that is in someone, not because of a credit card that makes your life wasteful. So, wasteful or not in the use of credit cards depends on financial control and the use of credit cards.

4. So Addiction
How to use a credit card that is very easy to make opium users. Just swipe, you can bring home groceries.

As proof, when you don’t have money but want to buy the item that is estimated, you will definitely use a credit card as a helper deity. And that you will do continuously.

Behavior patterns like that change your thinking to rely on credit cards in fulfilling everything you want.


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