The large selection of films that appear in theaters can make you want to watch them. Watching with friends can be an option. But sometimes it is difficult to realize. The busyness and the choice of different films can be obstacles. Many also take advantage of watching movies streaming like using read this.

Meanwhile, watching yourself in the cinema is sometimes not an option. This strange assumption is still common. For example, a strange look when watching alone.

Even so, some people have done it and some even often watch it in theaters themselves.

Whether watching alone or watching with friends, of course, there are advantages and disadvantages. Even so, watching it alone is generally considered more strange. Well, for those of you who still find it strange to watch alone or don’t dare to watch it yourself in theaters, try to find out some of the advantages.

1. Free to choose movies
If you watch with friends, you need to discuss what you want to watch. But if you go to watch a movie in the cinema yourself, you are free to choose the film according to your wishes.

2. Can pamper yourself
You are free to do what you want without thinking about whether your friends want to do it or not. Besides that, you can also pamper yourself while eating popcorn or drinks at the cinema. You can also freely choose, buy food, and spend it alone! Of course, because you went alone.

3. Nobody will try to chat during the screening
Some people often ask questions or talk to them when the film airs. This can be very annoying. This distraction will not exist if you watch it yourself.

4. No need to have difficulty adjusting time with friends
Different activities make you need to adjust the time with your watching friends. This won’t happen if you watch it yourself. You can also choose the movie schedule as you like.

5. Free to go anywhere
You are free to go wherever you want before and after watching.

6. No need to think too much about appearance
Because you watch it yourself, you can be more indifferent to your appearance. You don’t have to bother with grooming like when you watch it with friends or your partner.

7. Free opinion about the film
You are free to have opinions about films. There will be no friends watching you argue about it.


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