Engagement is an important stage in the life of a couple before finally being tied up in a marriage. The fiance seems to be a way for someone to convince the lover’s family that soon, he will edit his lover into a life partner under a marriage promise. In an engagement ceremony, in addition to the permission and blessing of the two families, there is one other thing that is the main concern, namely the engagement ring. The engagement ring will be a symbol of someone already bound and will be married soon. For this reason, many people pay attention to the type and model of the engagement ring that will circle on the fingers of the lover. You can choose the Black tungsten rings for your engagement needs. However, there are some mistakes to never make when you go to choose the diamond, as follows:

Choose the wrong color of a diamond
Some people who want to buy jewelry, especially diamond rings, will choose ring eyes that have beautiful colors and high clarity even though they have to pay high prices. You have to choose diamonds with the best color and clarity then paying premium prices is a mistake. That is because our naked eye cannot distinguish the best color and clarity from those at the lower level. Diamond color is divided from scale D to J. Level D has the best color quality compared to the next level.

Spend a lot of money
Don’t spend too much money on buying engagement rings. A man might think that his lover will feel very privileged if he buys a piece of jewelry at a high price. It can be a problem when living together later.

Order with the thin frame
At present, people love ordering diamond rings with thin rings. This was done so that the diamond from the ring seemed to look bigger. However, again it was not considered right by many people. According to him, the ring will be worn for years. A thin ring makes the material content fade faster, even break. So for those of you who will order a ring, it is important to pay attention to the two main aspects of jewelry, not only the beauty but also the durability.


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