Manhoef was born in Paramaribo, Suriname. When he was three years old, his family moved to Rotterdam, Holland. Manhoef was involved in football in his youth and his younger brother Moreno introduced him to Muay Thai. He soon joined the Choku Gym. in Zaandam and started training. Melvin Manhoef fight list, Summons Needed He had his first fight at the age of 18, which he won by decision. He celebrated his comeback in September 2001 at the Chakuriki Gym. He defended his title for nearly two years before participating in the K1 HERO’S MMA affiliate promotion in 2006.

Next of Melvin Manhoef fight list is, He won his first fight in Hero’s 4 against Shungo Oyama by TKO in the first round. Melvin has shifted its focus to MMA in recent years. He lost to Dongsik Yoon by submission. at K1 dynamite !!USA, defeated Bernard Ackah in the opening round of the K1 Hero middleweight tournament and also scored a TKO win against Fabio Silva, a chute boxe fighter, from TKO in the final of the K1 Hero Middleweight GP. In DREAM.4 Melvin fought against Kazushi Sakuraba, Manhoef and Sakuraba circled around the ring in the first minute of the fight before Manhoef hit Sakuraba with a strong right kick in the head and defeated him after 90 seconds with a technical knockout (hammer fists) the first round. With the win, Melvin moved into the semi-finals of DREAM. In DREAM.6 Melvin fought Gegard Mousasi as the tournament dictated.

Distrust of Manhoef’s fight on Melvin Manhoef fight list, Mousasi quickly brought the fight to the ground despite attempting to shake off a fall. 1:28 of the first round and survived a powerful slam attempt by Manhoef while confident of his submission. One of the most decorated strikers in fighting history, Manhoef is returning for the first time in more than a year.After losing consecutive competitions, Manhoef has won victories over Kent Kauppinen and Yannick Bahati, whom he defeated in October 2019 at Bellator 230 in the second round TKO. Of his 32 career wins, 29 are within reach.


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