Psilocybe cubensis or known as the magic mushroom is a type of drug derived from plants. Once seen, this mushroom does not look special or has an element of “magic” as the name suggests. But magic mushroom or mushroom psychedelic is one of 100 species that contain psilocybin, which is psychoactive that causes hallucinations, euphoria, and other symptoms. Here are the facts of the mushroom magic that you need to know.

Psilocybe cubensis means “bald head” because of its shape like a human head. Initially, this fungus was used as one of the offerings in Aztec religious ceremonies in America and called it the flesh of the gods. The mushroom can help cure patients with anxiety disorders, OCD, headaches, and PTSD if consumed under the supervision of a doctor. Remember, only with the supervision of a doctor. Various effects can be felt after consuming magic mushroom, the most prominent is the hallucinatory effect. Psilocybe cubensis works by binding to our nervous system receptors, so that the work of the brain slows down and causes the appearance of hallucinations. At first, people who consume these mushrooms will feel dizzy, out of focus, and unable to control emotions, at a certain point the user will find everything around him to be very funny or very sad. While on the body, this fungus will cause numbness, palpitations, weakness, high fever, and cannot control urination.

Another side effect of the consumption of magic mushrooms is that it makes the user not afraid of anything. Scientists believe that a person who consumes it must always increase the dose to get the same sensation. The following are things that might occur due to the long-term consumption of magic mushrooms without proper care and consult from a professional. Harm the brain, decreased cognitive abilities of the brain, prolonged delusions, and hallucinations, and good changes are quite extreme. Although this fungus has a healing effect, it has not been proven whether the effect is the same in the long run.


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