The lvmh blockchain is meant to confirm the traceability of the merchandise the least bit stages of its manufacture, manufacture that has become, with worldization, progressively global and poses real queries in terms of import perceptions. Unfortunately, the lvmh blockchain won’t reveal the “other aspect of the story.” Its purpose isn’t to grant indications on the geographical origin of product nor on producing conditions that have already been denounced repeatedly by the media. The transparency claimed by the syndicate is so solely partial. One might speak of a semi-opacity. the patron is confident regarding the adscititious value of his purchase, however the intrinsic price (cost of raw materials, labor costs) remains hidden, read here.

Customers will simply and transparently follow a product’s lifecycle, from conception through distribution, with trustworthy information throughout, and therefore strengthen their relationship with their favorite luxury brands. The lvmh blockchain platform will create it doable to prove the origin of product and track their life cycle, thereby serving to to shield property and combat fraud, consistent with the document. it’ll be enforced on a white label basis and will guarantee full information confidentiality.

Brands are ready to select the data that they need to feature on the “certificates” created by Aura, permitting labels concentrate on} the origin of their raw materials, for example, whereas others could favor to focus on tailored services or loyalty programmes.

Traceability of lvmh blockchain is crucial within the fight against the production of counterfeit product presently plaguing the posh industry, having been boosted in recent years by the increase of e-commerce conjointly the growing quality of the second-hand market. It’s also a useful gizmo for patrons involved regarding the producing processes that have created a product or the origin of its raw materials, at a time once customers are progressively alert to problems connected to social and environmental responsibility and animal welfare.


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