It’s About Stage Preparation In Theatre Plays


A director must have advantages and have more knowledge about the world of theatre arts. Because being a director is not easy. In addition to preparing the players through rehearsals, together with the performers and lighting designers, he also prepares the stage for the performance. However, before this step, if you also need excellent scripts for your play, you can find a website that provides good one-act plays scripts.

In the preparation stage, things that must be considered are:

a. Stage preparation

The stage stylist prepares the stage according to the contents of the story in the script. Well, the things that need to be prepared are:

1). backdrop / background cloth
2). decorations that match the content of the story.

When viewed from the shape, the decorations used can be in the form of naturalist decorations or non-naturalist decorations. Naturalist decoration is the decoration that uses natural forms, namely the real form of an item or natural surroundings by the original.

And if you look at the location of the manifestation, there are interior decorations (indoor decoration) and exterior decoration (outdoor decoration).

Each decoration is equipped with stage equipment that represents the expected situation. For example, a bedroom interior decoration is equipped with a bed, study table and wardrobe.

b. Preparation of lighting (lighting)

The decorations that have been designed are then equipped with appropriate lighting. What is the purpose of using lighting?

1). Illuminate and shine on actors and actresses
2). Embody the time setting in the story (time, season, and weather)
3). Increase the colour value in setting
4). Help strengthen the atmosphere of the game.

Apart from being supported by the stage and lighting, the drama performance will feel more beautiful if it is accompanied by the appropriate sound system or music. The sound and music services to liven up the atmosphere of the performance. The sound system and music used should not be arbitrary, you know, but they must match the atmosphere in the drama script. The sound or sound used can be in the form of living things, namely humans and animals. But these sounds can also come from inanimate objects or musical instruments sounded by humans.

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