Electronic goods will generally experience a decrease in performance over time. Problems also arise. The same thing happened to AC. But if the air conditioner is noisy, is there no way to handle it? Problems like this are common. Even the best air conditioners are not free from this problem. Therefore, the AC must be maintained at least once every 3 months. Perform this treatment in best hvac companies near me. No need to worry too much. Although the air conditioner is noisy, it does not mean there are serious problems. It could be the cause is only simple things like the following.

1 Loose bolt

AC will vibrate when operating. Likewise with the bolts. If this happens for a long time, the bolts may become loose. Loose bolts are what usually triggers the appearance of noise. So try checking if there are loose bolts. Tighten the bolt.

2 Uneven AC buffer

To stick to the wall, the air conditioner needs a stand or bracket. Ideally, the best air conditioner is indeed on a flat wall. But for some reason, sometimes the air conditioner is forced to be installed on an uneven surface. Installation on the surface of the wall like this is likely to cause noise. This can be overcome by moving the bracket in a more level place. If not, you can replace it with a flatter holder.

3 Loose belts

Loosening of the belt or AC belt can also cause the AC to make a loud noise. Try checking if this part of the belt is indeed problematic. If it’s already loose, replace it with a new one. Your best air conditioner will return to normal.

4 Bearing Loose Compressor

Another component that can also cause the air conditioner to make noise is loose compressor bearings. The age factor is also the main cause. If it’s like this, the only way to overcome it is to replace it with a new one.

A noisy air conditioner is not always a sign that you have to replace it with a new one. It may be that only a few components need to be replaced. Of course, it also depends on the durability of the air conditioner that you are buying. If the quality of the air conditioner that you buy is good enough, problems like this are relatively rare. At least it took longer for this problem to appear. Perform air conditioning maintenance, in aire acondicionado tijuana you can get the best service.

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