Although we often think of giving any supplement as something that is only beneficial for dogs or old dogs with certain health problems, there are various potential benefits for providing supplements that are good for dogs even at peak health. Complete dog food that matches your dog’s age, life level, and activity level often contains well-chosen supplements to provide extra value, and all complete dog food must ultimately provide all your dog’s nutritional needs. However, if you want to give your dog extra encouragement or think ahead about ways in which you can support your dog to old age and manage it for a lifetime, fish oil supplements of various types like Tikki lakseolie can potentially help.

However, it is also very easy to choose supplements that are not beneficial to your dog and will not make a real difference to them or to potentially supplement your dog’s diet with something that will inadvertently cause its own problems.

If you are thinking about feeding your dog fish oil supplements and wondering if this is a good idea or not, read on for some more information.

Why is fish oil potentially beneficial for dogs?

Fish and fish oil that can be extracted from them in concentrated form can potentially offer a variety of benefits for your dog, both here and now, and as your dog ages. The main beneficial ingredient of fish oil is omega-3 fatty acids, “good” fats which offer a variety of different benefits for dogs who regularly consume them.

These fatty acids will often improve the condition of your dog’s skin and fur, and can even help prevent or reduce various skin and fur problems such as dandruff or allergies. Fish oil is also very good for improving bone and joint health, and ensuring that the joints are well lubricated and able to move freely, something that can be very beneficial for dogs suffering from joint stiffness or conditions such as arthritis.

It has even been discovered recently that fish oil can help support healthy brain aging and cognitive function, which can help ensure that your dog retains their mental abilities into old age.


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