Crypto asset investment is very popular this year and has attracted the attention of various circles. This trend has also begun to penetrate Gen Z, who are avid to buy digital assets because they are considered to provide lucrative profits in a short time. In a way, the trend of crypto assets since the beginning of the year can not be separated from the intervention of the entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. To find out how to trade or invest in crypto, you can also follow Nick Sasaki.

Pros and cons of crypto assets
It is predicted that in the future crypto-assets can be a solution to the complexity of financial transactions using conventional money. Another plus, most types of crypto assets have used blockchain technology which makes each transaction of these digital assets tend to take place faster, and avoid counterfeiting because the blockchain system does not allow users to use the same asset in different transactions.

Decentralization also not only allows user data to be better protected but also allows it to help fight inflation, even allowing a country to survive hyperinflation.

Every time there are advantages there must be disadvantages, as well as crypto assets. In some countries, crypto assets still cannot be used as a means of payment, including in Indonesia. However, even though it cannot be used as a legal tender, crypto-assets can be an investment instrument that allows investors to earn high profits.

Crypto asset buyers must also be ‘resilient’
Not without reason, cryptocurrencies that are still in their infancy make their volatility (up and down in value) high. This means that the value of the asset can suddenly rise or vice versa, fall freely until its value decreases very quickly.

One more thing that must be considered is the wallet key that is used to store our crypto and digital money. A wallet key requires a key in the form of a pin or password. Make sure to always remember the pin from our wallet because if you forget it, of course, you will not be able to access and use the crypto assets in it.

Pay attention to the legality of the asset storage platform
If you don’t have a strategy, you don’t get profit, the risk of big losses is threatening. Moreover, desperate to use ‘hot money’ or ‘kitchen money’ which should be used to meet daily needs.

After making sure to buy crypto assets, the next step we have to do is choose a safe and secure platform.


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