How To Quickly Get Rid Of Stains When Pets Vomit On The Carpet


When our pets throw up just anywhere, it would be troublesome when cleaning it especially if our pets throw up on the carpet. If this happens, then immediately clean the vomit before it dries and sticks to the carpet. Because if it’s already attached it will be very difficult to remove it, special cleaning agents must be needed to remove the stain. No need to worry, because The Hills Carpet Cleaning is always there to help you solve problems like this.

Before that, find out some ways to get rid of pet stains quickly.

– Use tissue. Use plenty of tissue to get rid of pet vomit stains before the stain sticks to the carpet.
– Clean the stained area using cold water. Use a towel to remove the stain.
– Use a mixture of natural ingredients that can be to remove pet stains, for example is mixing orange juice with salt to remove stains.
– After you get rid of stains, use rubber foam on the carpet and see the results if your carpet is exposed to clean from pet dander.
– Or you can spray the carpet using baking soda. After the vomit is cleaned, spray the carpet with baking soda right above the area you cleaned earlier. Baking soda can repel odors and speed up carpet drying.

Finally, Clean the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner after it dries. It takes several hours for the baking soda to dry completely. The baking soda is likely to clot. Keep your pet away from carpeted areas. When the carpet is completely dry, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the remaining baking soda.

Another effective step is to use carpet cleaning services such as Tile Cleaning The Hills. With quality cleaning agents, the Tile Cleaning The Hills is definitely able to clean up all the dirt and remove the odor from the carpet. Contact Tile Cleaning The Hills via its website to get more information.

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