Independent blood sugar checks are carried out with a blood sugar check device or glucometer. Blood sampling is generally done through the fingertips. Apart from being easy to reach, at the fingertips, there are also many capillary blood vessels. Blood flow also flows better at the fingertips so that it can show the results of an accurate blood sugar check. Blood draw points can also be drawn on the palms, thighs, calves, arms, and stomach. However, most devices are designed for taking a blood sample through the fingertip. To find out how to check blood sugar properly, first, you need to know what materials and tools are needed. You can get it by visiting

Lancet (small needle)
Lancing device (to hold the needle)
Alcohol and cotton
Test strip
Glucose meter
Portable box
Cable for downloading data (if needed)
After knowing the various tools contained in the blood sugar checking device, follow the steps below:

Wash your hands thoroughly using soap and running water.
Place the pointed needle into the fishing device.
Wipe your fingertips with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.
Prick the tip of your finger with a lancet so the blood can come out and be drawn.
Put a drop of blood on the drip strip and wait for the result. Usually, a number indicating your blood sugar level will appear within a few seconds on the meter screen.

If the blood sugar check tool used turns out to have a different way of working, be sure to follow the instructions for use on the packaging. Data from the results of blood sugar measurements should also be recorded. A history of your blood sugar levels is useful for your doctor to know about your condition over time. You can usually save the results directly on the blood sugar check tool used.


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