Having or adopting a new puppy means dealing with a lot of new things as well. There are so many things to prepare. Toys, treats, toilets, and most importantly, puppy food. The reason is, puppy food is not the same as adult dogs. Puppies need two times the amount of calories that adult dogs need. Puppies require more phosphorus, protein, calcium, and fat. Therefore, choosing the best dog food is not easy. Aside from that, if you also have an adult dog that prefers gravy food, you can give it a dog food gravy topper.

However, don’t worry, we are ready to help you sort out and choose the best puppy food for your new beloved family member.

Choose the best dog food brand

First, choose a dog food brand that has passed the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) tests. This means that this dog food has been tested and proven to be good for dogs. There are so many brands that make dog food based on their traditional recipes but have never tested it clinically. A good brand will invest its resources and funds to make sure its formula is good for all types of dogs.

Pay attention to the caloric load of your puppy’s food

To grow, puppies need twice as many calories as adult dogs. Plus, they also need some of those calories to play and work with you. Half of their calorie intake will be used for growth, while the other half for daily activities. So, don’t forget to pay attention to the calorie content in your puppy’s food.

Different size, different food

When choosing puppy food, pay attention to your puppy’s size and needs. The calcium and phosphorus requirements of a Chihuahua are very different from those of a Great Dane puppy. Larger dog breeds certainly require a higher intake of calcium and phosphorus. So, make sure you give your dog the right food for his needs.

Look at the size of the food chips

The size of the dog’s food is equally important. If the pieces of dry food are too large, your puppy may have a hard time eating and digesting them. So, pay attention to chip size when choosing puppy food. If you choose to give wet food, pay attention to the size of the chunks of meat inside.


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