After a flood, cleaning a house is not an easy job. However, you also need to make sure that you use service so your carpet will not be infested by mould and mildew. But you could also do it yourself because various ways can be applied to expel mould from the carpet, one of which is to hang it in the sun for about 2 days. But if the carpet cannot be lifted, then you can use a dehumidifier. Alternatively, it can also be aerated using a fan to dry the carpet, then suck using a vacuum cleaner. After that, brush the fungus on the surface of the carpet, the bottom of the carpet, and also clean the floor where the carpet is placed, then vacuum again.

In doing the cleaning process, it would be better if you use a variety of protections such as masks, protective goggles, as well as gloves because mould can fly and be inhaled by you when cleaned. Do not forget also to open all air vents such as windows and doors so that fungi that fly in the wind can get out of the house, not perched elsewhere. It is important to maintain the carpet to avoid mould and mildew attack. After cleaning, then keep the carpet from fungus attacks so that spores do not easily appear and disturb your family. The trick, you just pour vinegar on the carpet you want to be protected from the fungus. After an hour, you need to thoroughly rinse the carpet. You could apply baking soda on the carpet to avoid musty odour. Mix warm water with baking soda and use it on the carpet then leave it until dry then vacuum it.

If we are not cleaning our carpet regularly we risk our family to the diseases caused by the mould and mildew that grow on the carpet. What can happen if we allow mould to multiply? Most severe, mould on the carpet can cause various asthma symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath. While the mildest, namely reactions to allergies which include itching, runny nose, red eyes, also sinusitis.
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