The mysterious Moldavite gemstone has enthralled gem lovers and collectors for many years. When a meteorite collided with the Earth’s surface more than 15 million years ago, a unique fusion of extraterrestrial and earthly matter resulted in the formation of this magnificent mineral. However, it might be challenging to determine whether moldavite is real or just a piece of green-tinted Glass due to its stunning green color and glassy texture. What distinguishes Moldavite from Glass, then how is moldavite formed?

The rough, pitted texture of Moldavite is, first and foremost, one of its primary characteristics. In addition, Moldavite features a distinctive pattern of grooves and ridges that can only be produced by the high heat and pressure of a meteor impact, in contrast to Glass’s smooth, uniform texture. Moldavite stands out from regular Glass thanks to these markings that give it a rough, extraterrestrial aspect.

The material’s color is another thing to consider while separating Moldavite from Glass. Glass can come in various shades of green. Still, Moldavite stands out because of its distinctive olive-green tint. The iron and other minerals in the meteorite that merged with the soil of the Earth during impact are responsible for this tint. Moldavite’s color can range from light green to dark forest green, but it always has an exceptional organic quality that distinguishes it from Glass.

Another helpful clue to the genuineness of Moldavite is its weight. Moldavite is a naturally occurring mineral significantly denser than Glass and heavier in hand than Glass. It’s crucial to remember, though, that the importance of Moldavite can vary depending on its size and the particular meteorite from which it was produced.

Finally, a UV light may be used to tell Moldavite from Glass. Moldavite often fluoresces when exposed to UV light, emitting a mild green glow different from Glass’s reaction. However, this test is unreliable because some glass varieties can glow when exposed to UV radiation.

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