Here’s How To Make Crossbow Arrows


In making crossbow arrows, no less important is the balance on the arrows. The counterweight is useful so that the arrow has a straight direction when it is shot. The counterweight on the arrow is on the back or tail of the arrow. In balancing arrows, you can use artificial wings or artificial feathers which are usually made of paper, feathers, cloth, plastic, and other materials. Aside from that, if you need stronger strings for your custom crossbow, then you must buy custom crossbow strings available.

1. Wood or materials that have been prepared to make arrows such as rattan, bamboo, and so on are shaved using a knife or in Javanese, scaled to have a smooth surface. This method must be done evenly and thoroughly so that the entire surface of the wood becomes smooth and not only on one side.
2. You should also consider the thickness of the wood that fits the shaft or counterweight at the tail of the arrow.
3. Next, make an arrow balancer from the material you want. If you make it from paper, then shape the paper into a balance of arrows that you usually see on arrows in general. In the dart balancer, it must be the same width and size on both sides, so that the dart is balanced. After that, attach it to the tail of the arrow.
4. To make the head of the arrow, you can use a sharp hard material.
5. The nail head is cut first, you can use pliers or other types of cutting tools. While at the end of the soil, give a hole according to the size of the nail you want to insert into the end of the arrow.
6. Insert the nail on the tip of the arrow carefully and then give it a strong adhesive or so, so that the tip of the arrow does not fall when it is bolted. The application of glue around the hole in the wood is intended so that, when the arrow hits the target, the wood used for the nail does not break due to the pressure from the body of the arrow.

You must remember that the technique in making crossbow arrows can be adjusted to the needs and desires of the arbalist.

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