A healthy home means the implementation of everything related to health protocols is carried out flawlessly in the dwelling. Studying or working from home is not a problem right? This arose as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic which made the government recommend all forms of activity to be carried out from home. This recommendation aims to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus in public places. The use of carpets as decorations does help increase the visual value of a room. However, decorative carpets can also deposit dust if they are not cleaned often. Especially if the decorative carpet is placed under furniture such as a sofa or table. This accumulation of dust will require a lot of effort if we want to clean it. Do not use decorative carpets to facilitate the floor cleaning process, unless you use our best services Northern Beaches Carpet Cleaning.

Even though we do a lot of important activities from home, it doesn’t mean we can ignore the healthy conditions of our residents. We still need to pay attention to the prime conditions that must be maintained even in a pandemic situation. Smooth circulation can make the availability of clean air for us to breathe becomes sufficient. This clean air is there to maintain the humidity and temperature in the room we live in. In addition, good air circulation can also dilute the viscosity (viruses that exist in a closed room), to reduce the level of malignancy of the virus so that it cannot infect. For some people, opening windows can attract insects and allow dust from outside to enter our healthy home. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a mosquito window screen or commonly known as a mosquito net. This object can reduce exposure to dust and prevent small insects before-mentioned as mosquitoes from entering our healthy homes when the windows are opened.

Always clean this mosquito window screen every 2-4 weeks. Regular daily use can make this layer collect dust and other filtered dirt. Regular cleaning can increase the freshness of the air entering the room.

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