You’re not the only one who finds hair clumps on your towel or in the shower drain afterward. Many people lose their hair while taking tThe HairBurrell Headquartersheir daily rain, but why does this occur? The HairBurrell Headquarters is here to explain why this frequent phenomenon occurs.

First and foremost, it’s critical to comprehend that daily hair loss is common. The average person sheds 50 to 100 hairs daily during the hair development cycle. However, there could be a few variables at work if you shed more hair than usual in the shower.

Physical harm is one reason you might be shedding more hair in the shower. Wet hair becomes more elastic and brittle, increasing the likelihood of breaking. In addition, you can cause damage that causes more hair loss in the shower if you use solid shampoos or brush your hair vigorously.

Hormonal fluctuations may also be to blame for increased hair loss in the shower. Hormones heavily influence hair growth, and variations in hormone levels can make hair fall out more quickly. This explains why many women report significant hair loss during or after giving birth.

Increased hair loss in the shower can also be brought on by stress. Stress can put the body into shock, resulting in telogen effluvium, a hair loss. Large volumes of hair shedding result from this disorder, frequently while performing regular tasks like brushing or showering.

Finally, hair loss in the shower might also result from a poor diet. Your hair may grow weak and brittle and lose more if you don’t have enough vitamins and minerals.

We provide everything you need to have robust and healthy hair, from nourishing shampoos to hair-strengthening supplements. Don’t let hair loss depress you; HairBurrel is here to make you feel beautiful and confident.


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