Action cameras (cam) are starting to catch the attention of many people thanks to their wide-angle features and small size. This product is even touted to be more capable than a cellphone camera because it can be used in water and is capable of taking high resolution (HD) video. If you are considering buying an action cam as a support device, you need to know a few things. The reason is, buying an action cam is not limited to preparing a budget. The following list of things you must know to get the product according to your wishes and your pocket. If you want to get the best gopro alternative, you can visit our website.

1. View Room
Some cam actions present a different field of view (FOV) options. GoPro Hero3 +, for example, has a FOV of 170 °; For other brands, such as the Xiaomi Yi 4K has a viewing area of 155 ° and the Polaroid Cube 124 °. The bigger the number, the wider the field of view. That is, the camera can capture a wider object. If you consider this important, then the viewpoint needs to be ascertained before determining the cam action option.

2. Video and Photo Quality
Here it is the mandatory feature when choosing an action cam, namely the resolution and quality of the camera. 1080p and 720p resolutions certainly produce higher quality photos and videos. However, cameras with this resolution are usually more expensive. There are still other options, namely 720p and 480p resolution cameras that are sufficient to meet your daily photography needs.

3. Budget
Price is always the final determining factor when hunting action cam. Because the price of each product can be felt the difference. The price of the action cam itself varies. Be aware that the budget must adjust to your needs. If you can predict that you won’t use it too often, buy an action cam at an affordable price.

4. Water Proof
Most action cams are equipped with waterproof features. Some even can survive in water to a depth of more than 30 meters. Today, many people like to capture moments under the sea. Make sure this feature is also in the action cam that you want to buy.


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