Get to Know the Shape of the Guitar Neck


Over time, various industries from various fields often innovate in terms of marketing the products/services they offer. Starting from initially only offering the products/services they made, then making products/services needed by the market, until finally accommodating the market to do user customization of the products offered, to be able to suit the needs of consumers. You can also get an Electric guitar kit by visiting our website.

As I mentioned earlier, as the times have evolved, finally a wide variety of products are offered by guitar manufacturers. Starting from the shape, size, material used, until finishing. For the case of the guitar neck, friends who have been playing guitar for quite a while may not have too much difficulty in choosing the appropriate shape of the guitar neck, but for some friends who are still “snapping” about the guitar, it’s certainly different. In general, the shape of the guitar neck is described in alphabetical order according to the shape of the guitar neck, such as C, D, U, V.


You could say this is a common form of guitars that exist today. This shape has an oval shape which according to many people is suitable for playing various styles with this neck. Generally not as thick as U and V.

Many guitars such as the Fender Stratocaster today have a “modern C Shape” neck or sometimes described as a traditional C-shape shape that is thinned.


There are two types of V-shapes that are popular in the market: soft V and hard V, where the “soft V” shape tends to be more oval than the “hard V” shape. This form is commonly used on old school guitars, one of which is Eric Clapton’s signature series produced by Fender.


Some guitarists commonly refer to it as baseball sticks. Generally, this form is less attractive to shredders, but all of that goes back to each other’s tastes, hehe.


The most common form of the neck is used by shredder guitarists. What distinguishes this shape from C-shape is that this shape tends to have a more even contour when compared to C-shaped

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