Social media plays an important role in the continuity of the business that is run. Social media can help make it easier for you to reach more customers. Each type of social media also has a different function, depending on the needs and goals that you want to achieve about your business. But one thing is for sure, as you can see at Fox360, social media can help you gather followers as a means of marketing your business products.

Yes, followers are very useful for the continuity of your business. What are the benefits of having many followers for your business? Here are some benefits if you have a lot of followers.

1. Gaining Lots of New Insights
The more followers, of course, the more diverse the character of the people who follow your account. It becomes an important capital to get original insight from your followers regarding your product. Do your followers like the product? Do you need to make changes to your product or service? You can get all those answers through your followers on social media.

2. Engagement With Consumers
Continue to increase engagement with consumers so that your customers will be more loyal to your products. You can interact through comments on social media, polls, and so on.

3. Wide Reach With Consumers
The more followers on social media, of course, the wider your network will be. That means your ability to reach potential customers is also even greater. This will help your marketing activities and promotions that you provide.

4. Increase Credibility
As consumers, we will look for a quality and trusted company or product. One way that is usually done is to look at their social media accounts and see how many followers they have. If you have a lot of followers, it will be more convincing for consumers

5. Website Traffic Increase
You can also direct followers on social media to read articles on the website or view your product catalog on the website. That will help increase your website traffic.


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