Fixing Leaks


Whether you live in a house or apartment, leaks are very common and must be addressed immediately to conserve water. And you don’t want to call MIRACLE ROOTER service every time there’s a leak. Here are tips for fixing leaks without the help of a plumber to save you money.

1. Shower leak
If your shower is leaking, it’s likely just a simple problem that you need to fix. The showerhead will usually loosen from the tubing stem as a result of use over time. Usually, all you need to do is tighten the shower handle by reattaching the showerhead and using pipe insulation to seal the tubing around the showerhead for a tight fit.

2. Faucet leak
The most common cause of faucet leaks is usually worn gaskets. First, make sure your water line is under the sink before you open the faucet. Or safest, turn off the power to turn off the water lines. If you’re repairing a faucet on a sink, make sure you cover the drain to avoid losing small items such as bolts if any. Then cover the outside of the faucet with insulation so that when you open it with the key, the faucet will not scratch. Then, take out each piece of the faucet and put it back on as soon as you’re done replacing the worn engine or gasket.

3. Water heater leak
Water heaters are commonly used in mountainous areas and some in apartments. A water heater can seem like a very intimidating device and it is because of this that many are afraid to fix it themselves in the event of a leak. However, did you know that the water you find under your water heater may not be a leak?

Condensation from outside the heater may drip onto the floor. If you notice that there is water gushing from the heating hose, immediately close the water valve (usually the red handle is near the pipe). If the temperature release valve is leaking, it may be because the temperature setting is too high, which can be fixed with an instruction manual with a key you have at home. If you detect corrosion or other, more dangerous defects, take no chances. Call a plumber.

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