For parents, baby monitors can provide additional security for their babies. Worry can be reduced a little because the baby can be monitored. On the other hand, baby monitors can be dangerous if not used properly. This baby monitor tool makes the job of parents easier in terms of monitoring the baby’s condition, so when something goes wrong or this baby monitor detects something wrong with your baby, you can go directly to your baby’s room to make sure it’s the situation. The following is an example of the best baby monitors audio, namely the Philips Avent baby monitor.

The Philips Avent baby monitor is a favorite of many parents because of its excellent sound clarity and super easy use. This product has a pretty good signal and a longer battery life than most parents need. The Philips Avent baby monitor distance range is 300 meters, if the child’s room and parents’ room or other rooms used for monitoring are not different floors, the signal can still reach up to five walls of the house.

Also, this Philips Avent baby monitor has our favorite feature which is voice activation. Parents like this feature because it makes the parent unit automatically change to silent mode when the baby is still. This feature will help parents sleep better at night, and focus on working during the day. Unfortunately, there is no two-way communication feature that allows us to calm the baby from another room. In terms of price, the Philips Avent baby monitor is quite reasonable when compared to its quality. This baby camera comes with a clear and very clear sound volume so it’s easy to hear. The drawback is in sound filtering. Some of these Philips Avent baby monitor reviews mention that they hear fans in the nursery through this baby camera.


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