Fatty Foods That Are Included In The Diet List


Keeping the body in an ideal shape, is the desire of everyone, be it men or women. To control so that the body has an ideal shape, of course, this is not too difficult for those of you who do maintain a good diet or nutritional intake and nutrition for your body. One example of some healthy foods to eat, you can see meal plans in dubai. Talking about healthy food, most people will think that fatty foods are one type of food that should not be included in the list of healthy foods, especially when having a diet program to lose weight. But it turns out that this thought is not entirely true because not all fats should be avoided.

You need to know that two types of fat are good for weight loss. There are types of fat that have health properties and are even able to lower bad cholesterol, control blood sugar levels in our bodies, and will be able to reduce the risk of heart disease. Healthy fat content, is usually found in avocado, soy milk, tofu, and fatty fish that can help the stomach become full quickly. Those are some examples of foods that contain healthy fats and are good for you to consume for those who want to lose weight or to form an ideal body shape.

On the other hand, you need to avoid consuming foods that contain fats that are not good for health such as fried and processed foods at high temperatures, dairy products, packaged foods, and various other processed foods. As we know that instant food is delicious, but when viewed in terms of whether the food is healthy or not, processed instant food is not a good food choice for consumption. Especially if it is related to the diet program you want to run

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