Faster Cleaning Time With Dry Clean


Dry cleaning is a professional laundry or washing service needed to clean clothes with materials that cannot be washed with water. Clothes such as formal suits, party dresses, silk scarves, wool sweaters, fur jackets, cannot be cleaned through the usual laundry process, and therefore require dry cleaning. If you try to wash those types of clothes with water you could lose your clothes due to damage because of the wrong technique in washing the clothes. But you also need to be careful because the dry cleaning process is not easy and even could be dangerous because it involves chemicals that could harm your skin without proper handling, therefore, you must always use professional dry cleaner to help you clean your clothes. If you are looking for the best cleaning service you could visit to get all the information you need.

Many people are wondering what used in the dry cleaning process if it doesn’t use water. The dry cleaning process uses solvent chemicals instead of water. But why does it have to be solvent? What happens if clothes made from silk and wool are diluted with water? Clothing material that is washed with dry cleaning techniques will tend to be more durable and not wrinkled. In terms of maintaining material quality, dry cleaning has proven to be effective in minimizing fabric shrinkage. When compared with the usual laundry process, the time required for dry cleaning is usually relatively faster.

If you buy clothes with laundry labels on clothes that your clothes must be washed with the dry cleaning process, then it would be better to bring the clothes to a professional dry cleaning place. Dry Wash Lavanderia has years of experience in handling the dry cleaning. Clothing such as formal suits and party dresses requires extra handling in the dry cleaning process. A dry cleaning machine is needed to clean the coat and dress thoroughly. If the clothes have accessories such as beading, sequins, then they will first secure the accessories.

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