The fashion wheel is now stuck in pastel colors and this is the right time to spread the spirit of love and affection through these soft colors! Pastel color is a color that leads to light colors. This color composition is not too bright, but not too dark, aka in the middle. For example, if the blue is added to white, the result will be light blue. As with any type of color in general, pastel colors can also be found in almost fashion items in the ladies clothing kelowna. Pastel colors are not always synonymous with girly colors like pink, or purple like in a barbie movie. Beige (light brown), light blue, light green, and other light colors can be categorized as pastel colors. So, men and women can use this color.

Pastel colors will create a healthy and bright impression on the skin, and also very suitable for you who want to be different and increase the aesthetic value. For you who have tanned skin color as one of its characteristics. You can combine the pale yellow and peach colors. This color will make you look more beautiful and bright. Choose pastel colors that are not too pale so that your skin looks fresher and not dull. Pastel colors tend to be light and soft, but that does not mean you who have dark skin are not suitable to use this color. Pastel colors like peach and light yellow are suitable for you who have a dark skin color. Other colors like plum, lavender, and neutral colors can also be a good choice for dark skin.

Because if you wear clothes with that color it will make your skin look bright and soft. You can also use peach colors that are not too bold. Also, the colors brown, black and orange will only make the face look darker. Choosing a pastel color can make you who have a dark color stand out more in the crowd because this color can be a concern wherever you are. If you have light skin color, then you should be grateful. With this skin color, you can combine clothing with any color. If you want to use pastel colors, colors that match your skin tone are pink, light blue, and also light purple.


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