The impact of the coronavirus severely hit many community activities and businesses that initially could run smoothly, now their activities are limited to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In any business sector, all of them are affected by this pandemic. The fashion industry is no exception. Restrictions on working hours for business owners are certainly very influential on productivity in the development of a business. Therefore, an action such as utilizing technology to facilitate a better business is very necessary to do. With the help of the internet and devices such as mobile phones, computers, and the use of online shops or sites, this can be one of the most effective solutions to make all kinds of businesses survive during the current pandemic. There are even some fashion companies that have started working with blockchain, one of which is MODERN LUXURY. This collaboration will strengthen their system in developing their fashion business to various countries online.

You can also apply it to your fashion business because it will have a good impact on the progress of the fashion business that you manage. Furthermore, to maintain the value of your fashion products and be following your target market, you need to always update information related to fashion. As we know that the fashion industry, is a sector that has a dynamic movement or more to follow an era. Therefore, it is important for fashion business owners to always be updated on some important information about fashion. In addition, you also need to know about what fashion trends are interesting and in demand by people.

With this preparation, you will be ready to open your online store during this pandemic. Of course, you don’t forget to offer some promotions. You can do promotions online, so you don’t need to be bothered by any restrictions on activities outside the home.


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