Each type of web hosting allows you to do various kinds of customizations on the server. Each web hosting varies, depending on price, performance (for example, page loading time), and also the availability of services (for example, uptime). Below we will compare VPS hosting with another web hosting. On AlaVps Free VPS, you can get the best VPS.

Shared Hosting
Shared hosting is the best choice for site owners whose website traffic is still not high. This hosting is the starting point for most bloggers and also simple business websites. Using shared hosting means that you have to share the same physical server with a number of other clients who also use hosting services from the same company. There will be no dedicated resources allocated to you because your site runs on the same operating system as other clients.

Thus, the memory and computing power used by your site is influenced by the needs of other service users. In general, it is your hosting provider that manages and manages every aspect of the shared hosting platform.

Let’s just say shared hosting is a rental place and you share apartment space with several occupants. The function of VPS hosting, on the other hand, is the same as flatshare in which each occupant has a space that can be modified according to their wants and needs. For example, residents are allowed to add paintings, furniture, decorations, and others.

Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting allows you to use a set of servers, and not one, which runs on the cloud. Each server in the cluster keeps a current copy of your website. When one server becomes very busy, the cluster automatically diverts traffic to a server that is not so busy. For this reason, there will be no problems with downtime if you use cloud hosting because there is always a server on the cluster that will forward requests from your website visitors.

Cloud hosting and VPS hosting have their respective advantages. But unique, most hosting companies offer VPS hosting that runs on cloud infrastructure. We combine VPS and cloud technology to produce the best performance and reliability on a virtual server platform.


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