At first glance, several types of creams look the same. Cream is usually white in color and has a soft texture and a sweet taste. Two of the many types of cream that are often confused with are buttercream and whipped cream. Beginners like to confuse the difference between buttercream and whipped cream. The difference is very far. Before using buttercream or whipped cream from best nangs, you should consider the following three differences between the two types of cream.

1. Raw material
Buttercream and whipped cream are made from different ingredients. Buttercream is made from fat. So the fat can be in the form of margarine, butter, or shortening. Unlike buttercream, whipped cream is made from vegetable ingredients, milk or cream.

2. Shape
Buttercream is mostly sold in the form of packaged cream so that it can be used immediately. “Meanwhile, if there is a liquid whipped cream, there is a powder. Whipping cream or whipped cream which is still in liquid and powder form still needs to be shaken first using cold water until stiff and soft.

3. Usage
Although both can be used to decorate various foods and beverages, the application of buttercream and whipped cream in detail is different. The right use of buttercream is for cake decorations, while whipped cream is to cover the cake. Whipped cream can make decorations but it’s more like buttercream because the fat is denser.

If there is still a lot of whipping cream left, you can store it in a carton and put it in the freezer. Whipped cream melts easily even if put in the freezer, it’s a good idea to pour whipping cream until it fills three-quarters of the carton. You can pour the remaining whipping cream into the ice block mold. Pour about one to two tablespoons of whipped cream into the molds. This way it’s also easier for you to use it when cooking thick soup.


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