Crystal Healing Balances Body Chakra Energy


Even though times have developed modernly, it turns out that some people still believe in alternative medicine with crystal stones (Crystal Healing). Modern Crystal Medicine is based on traditional concepts borrowed from Asian cultures, especially the Chinese concept of life energy and the Hindu or Buddhist chakra concept. You need to learn about Chakra Healing.

Crystal Healing involves the use of Crystal stones placed under the pillow to ward off disease, release negative energy or absorb positive energy. Crystal Medicine is also the life energy used to connect the physical and supernatural elements of the body.

Crystals have a strong energy for healing. Each type of Crystal Stone has its own properties and has its own benefits.

Because Crystal Stones were easy to obtain, he continued, some people had switched to using Crystal Stones. Crystal stones can be a means of delivering treatment. Each Crystal Stone has a different soul vibration. Just like music that can be responded to and received by the ear and felt by the soul. Likewise with Crystal Stones. The difference is that the response of the crystal stone cannot be caught by the ear, but the vibration can be responded to by the body.

The type of Crystal used to awaken the chakra, namely the Red Crystal Stone used to increase the Root Chakra, which is related to self-confidence. It is located under the body, precisely in the spinal column. Amber Crystal Stone with orange color is used to increase the Sacral Chakra which is related to the sacrum or the function of the chakras of sexuality and creativity.

Agate Crystal Stone is used to increase the Solar Plexus Chakra which is located two fingers above the navel. Then the Pink Crystal Stone is used to awaken the Heart Chakra. Usually associated with love problems or inner conflicts. Then the Blue Crystal Stone or Aquamarine is used to refine the Throat Chakra. Amethyst Crystal Stone is used to increase knowledge and awareness through the third eye chakra which is located on the forehead. Then the last one is the White Crystal Stone (Clear) which is used to increase one’s spirituality through the head or crown chakra.

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