Consider This Before Deciding on Homeschooling for Kids


Many parents are now looking to homeschool learning methods to train children’s cognitive development. Moreover, parents can select their curriculum and home tutor that are deemed suitable for their children. However, is homeschooling suitable for your child than regular schooling? Generally, in the development of school-age children, he will go to a formal school to get an education. However, there is another story with homeschooling which is done at home without meeting peers at school. When deciding to provide children’s education through a home tutor, of course you have to think about several considerations carefully.

Learning material informal schools is usually determined by the school based on the government curriculum. So, when you don’t agree with some of the curricula, you can’t go against the curriculum. The reason is, there are already agreed guidelines and curricula to be taught at certain levels. Lessons informal schools are generally taught only to children so that they can complete the final exams at school well. This is quite different from the homeschool teaching method. Parents can create or choose a curriculum based on the knowledge that is appropriate for the child’s age.

Also, there are advantages of homeschooling such as flexibility in learning. So, parents can improve learning material in the subjects most mastered by children. The goal of learning flexibility is so that children’s abilities in these subjects can increase. Meanwhile, in subjects that feel difficult, parents or home tutors can assist to make it easier for children to understand the material. Also, the learning method does not only focus on textbooks because it involves many practices. These practices include volunteering, selling, and other extracurricular activities. This allows children to have more meaningful experiences and lessons.

Homeschooling has complete control over the child’s learning environment. The reason is, children only learn at home or maybe occasionally in a place that has been agreed upon. Some parents who homeschool their children feel that the school environment is too dangerous for their children. With homeschooling, parents can minimize or minimize learning disruptions and provide time for children to socialize after lessons are over.

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